Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Italian Sodas

What is more refreshing on a hot summers day than an Italian Soda?  Sure you can go down to the Java Java place and get one..but why not make them yourself?  I have always had a load of kids and so to buy everyone a drink is close to 20 bucks.  For much less we just make our own! 
First you need carbonated water...flavored syrups, crushed ice (aka bar ice), cream, that cool whip stuff in a can and sprinkles.
Fill your cup with crushed ice and pour in, oh good grief, I never measure, an inch or two of your flavored syrup.  Then pour in some cream, I love cream so I probably put in an inch or two of cream.  Then fill up your cup with carbonated water, squirt the cool whip stuff on top, put sprinkles on, add a straw and enjoy! 
These are my favorite taste testers!  In the back is Marlyee and Karlene, Lyndie, Kirk and Kailerai are in the front. 

A couple side can get the flavored syrups in the coffee section at the grocery store or Wal-Mart.  Also, if you are in Riverton and know Wendell Richardson you can order some from him too.  You get a bigger bottle and it costs about the same as the little one from Wal-Mart. 
Bar ice.  I enjoy crushed ice and the only place in town that I know of to get it is at the bar.  The old IGA liquer thru so you don't even have to go in!  2 bucks for a bag of crushed ice.  My secret is out now!!


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