Friday, April 15, 2011


Wheat Bread 3 tbsp yeast, 5 1/2 cups hot water, 7 cups whole wheat flour, 2/3 cup honey or molasses ( I use molasses), 2/3 cup oil, 2 tbsp salt, 6 cups wheat or white flour. Mix first 6 ingredients well and let set 15 minutes. Add rest of flour and mix well. Cover and let rise til doubled. Punch down and put into bread pans, let rise again. Bake 350 for 35 minutes. Brush tops of hot loaves with butter. Makes 4-6 loaves of bread depending on pan sizes. I love my new mixer for this reason! I can mix the whole recipe and not have to hand knead at all! My old Kitchenaid was not this big and the dough would wind clear up to the top of the dough hook make a good mess, then I would have to hand knead the last few cups of flour in. To make Great Grandma Johnsons bread, you would need an industrial size mixer! This is her recipe, all ingredients are approximate as she didn't use measuring cups or spoons. You can adjust the amount of dough you end up with by how much water you use to boil the potatoes. I have made huge batches where I have ended up with 10 loaves of bread, 2 pans of rolls and a pan of cinnamon rolls. That is a lot of kneading! Grandma Johnsons Bread 2 medium potatos, boil and mash in the water. Use enough water to cover the potatoes. Add enough cold water to make the temp. just right. Add 1/2 cup sugar, 1 big spoon yeast, 1/4 cup salt and enough flour to make thick and pastey. Let rise. After it has risen and hopefully not overflowed the pan, which I have let it do, add more flour til it doesn't stick to your fingers. Dump onto the table and knead 20 minutes or so, smear 2 tbsp of lard onto the dough and knead in. Let rise, punch down, let rise again, punch down and put into pans. Let rise and bake 400 for 55 minutes. The spoons she used to measure the lard and other ingredients were serving spoons. She was a great lady and a great cook. The table in the picture came from Johns folks in Spokane. They had it for years and gave it to us a long time ago. As you can tell there is blue paint on it...I use it for crafty things too! The paint would scrub off but I am too lazy to scrub it off and I don't really care that there is blue paint on it. This table has seated 10 or more people at a time, the ends pull out to make it about half again bigger. I love to have my whole family at the dinner table. We just pull in more chairs and a stool and squeeze in. Lots of good conversation and laughter has been had at this table.


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