Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The casserole with hamburger on the bottom, beans in the middle and mashed potatoes on top

What to do with last nights leftover mashed potatoes?  Oh my gosh this is so good!   It doesn't really have a name and I think my mother-in-law, Fayetta, invented it.  A casserole.  That the Chief likes!  He hates casseroles and pot lucks.   This is why he hates casseroles.  According to the Chief at the end of the week Fayetta would throw all the leftovers in a pot or cake pan and that was dinner.  And as he tells this story he gets the most distrubed look on his face.  I love all kinds of casseroles, they are a comfort food.  Good that night and again warmed up for breakfast!  The Chief would never in a million years eat last nights dinner for breakfast.  He is so weird!  Anyway, here is the recipe for  Hamburger on the bottom, beans in the middle and mashed potatoes on top, oh I think we sometimes call it the hamburger casserole. 

Brown some hamburger with onions...I don't always drain it depending what kind I use.  Store burger I drain, elk and deer I don't.
Put the cooked hamburger on the bottom of a cake pan, sprinkle with cheese...put 2 cans of drained green beans on top, more shredded cheese and top with leftover mashed potatoes.  Bake til hot through.  How easy is that! 


Liz mother makes something similar to that called shepherd's pie. Man, that brings back memories!!

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