Saturday, December 31, 2011


Lefse..what is that you say?  It is a norwegian potato bread...kind of like a tortilla.  My great grandfather was from Norway and his wife was from Sweden.  My great grandmother would make lefse and lutefisk.  At least this is what I have been told, I didn't know them.  I have googled lutefisk recipes and would rather starve then eat that, and truth is I am not a  big fan of lefse either.  The Chief likes it so we made a batch today.  The little girls weren't a fan either!   

You can see that is does resemble a tortilla.  it is much thinner and more delicate. 
To make it you need:
10 large potatoes
Peel, quarter and boil til done.  Drain and mash really lumps.  I use my mixer to do this.  Add 1 cube of butter, not margarine, and 1/2 cup heavy whipping cream.  Beat well and put in the fridge to cool.

Once the potatoes are cold, take about half and mix with a small amount of flour.  I have no real goes by feel.  You want just enough flour to hold the potatoes together when you roll them.  I took a golf ball sized ball and gave it a trial roll and didn't have enough flour.  Just add more till you can roll them out and they hold together, and make sure your table is well floured. 
Use a golf ball size wad and flour both sides from your table...then begin to roll out...

Once it is rolled out I use a metal spatula and slide it underneath to loosen it from the table and to pick it up and put in onto my hand then I flop it onto the hot griddle. 
Do not grease your griddle, and make sure it is hot.  Not too hot that it burns the lefse!  This lefse looks a little want them very very thin.  Once done on this side you flip it..they should look like a tortilla...
This is how it should look, You can see the burnt flour on the pan, every so often take a piece of waxed paper and rub it around your pan and scoop off the flour...

Once you have some cooked put them onto a clean towel lined plate and cover with the other end of the towel to keep warm. 
Just keep stacking them up as you get them cooked.  Store them in a zip lock back once they are cooled.  Warm them in the microwave. 
So how do you eat them?  Take one and butter it and roll it up and eat.  You can also put jam on it.  I don't mind them with jam. 
We never ate them with a meal, more like a snack. 
And of course you can eat them with lutefisk!  Google it. 


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