Monday, November 14, 2011

Cooking with Granny

I have fond memories of my Granny.  She was a pie maker and I loved her cherry pie and her chocolate pie. 
Today I got to have Peyton for the afternoon and he was my helper while I made chicken noodle soup.  The apron Peyton has on is one I made for his dad when he was a litle boy. 

He dug in with both hands! 
I gave him a bowl with flour in it...I wasn't up to adding any liquid to his bowl!
I rolled out my noodle dough and he rolled out his flour...
I rolled out my dough very thin, then rolled it up jelly roll style and sliced it very thin.  Gramma Johnson said that was the key..rolled thin and sliced thin.  Peyton unrolled the slices and put them in the pan with some flour.
He carefully helped put the noodles into the bubbling broth and was a great stirrer. 
I had a great time making soup with my sweet grandson this afternoon.  I can't wait til Oliver and Alivia are old enough to cook with Granny! 
This post isn't about a recipe really, it is about making memories. 
I want my grandkids to have the same fond memories with me that I have of my Granny.  I loved  to be at her house...I remember the green carpet in the living room, the smell of stinky sourkraut fermenting in the bedroom off the kitchen, the pink phone on the kitchen wall.  I remember sleeping with her and putting my legs next to hers to get warm.  I remember counting waterfalls along the highways with her.  She had a collapsable cup in her purse that I thought was so cool.  My Granny liked to  hum.  She was a kind loving person.  She had a great laugh.    I remember the way she made the bed, she would get it all made and then turn down each side.  She was a good cook.  In the kitchen were these big drawers, one for sugar, one for flour and one for bread.  She would have me get the old dry bread out of the drawer and break it up into the bowl.  She would add milk, eggs, vanilla and sugar and let me stir.  Soon after we would have bread pudding.  I remember her baking pies.  I remember sitting with her while she snapped beans.  I remember her laugheing at the things me, Kelly and Dawn would do.  She called me 'Doll'.  I remember when she got sick, how frail she became.  I remember the day she died, I think part of me died that day too.  I remember her funeral, the cemetery and the emptiness in my heart. 
How I love my Granny.   I want to be like my Granny.



How I love this post. <3

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